Tesla Charging Stations
tesla electric car chargers emv catskills free charging stations

The Emerson is ready to charge any electric vehicle model with the recent addition of eight Tesla Electric Car Charging Stations. These stations charge your car at an average speed of 29MPH. Whether you are coming in for the Spa, Woodnotes Grille, shopping at the Shops at Emerson or enjoying an overnight upstate New York getaway, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can give your electric car that extra boost while traveling.

Inn / Lodge Generators

In the event of a power outage, each building throughout the property is equipped with whole building generators that power the use of essential utilities such as lighting, heating/cooling, hot water, and refrigeration.

In the event of a natural emergency or circumstance where power is out for an extended length of time, the Emerson is happy to offer 50% off overnight stays to our local neighbors based on availability.

Inn / Lodge Solar Panels

The solar panels on our property work in conjunction with our heating and hot water systems. These solar panel banks heat the groundwater from our wells before the water actually enters our boiler systems, resulting in reduced fuel and boiler operation costs.

Geothermal System

The Inn at the Emerson Resort & Spa uses a geothermal system for heating and cooling. Geothermal systems are earth loops which consist of a series of pipes and wells buried five to six feet underground creating a looped system in and out of the building. The groundwater inside this loop is used for heating and cooling a building. In the winter, water going through the system retains stored heat from the ground and brings it inside. The unit inside condenses this heat to make it hotter and sends it throughout the building. In the summer, the geothermal system captures the heat from the building and sends it through the earth loop, where it is cooled by the earth’s ambient temperature, then is sent back to the building’s air conditioning compressors, greatly decreasing energy consumption.

Hot Water Boilers

Our Prestige Triangle Tube Cascade System Condensing Boilers maximize our water heating efficiency. This chain like system of boilers are tapped into the solar panels for the Inn property. Where a traditional hot water/heating system receives groundwater at an average temperature of 47 degrees Fahrenheit, the water for this system goes through the panels and reaches the boilers at temperatures ranging from 90-120 degrees Fahrenheit. Domestic hot water temperatures are 140 degrees and domestic heat is 180 degrees – with the use of our solar panels and boilers our fuel consumption and boiler operation times have decreased by more than half.

Laundry’s Ecolab Aquanomic System

We have adapted Ecolab’s Aquanomic System to our laundry facilities, decreasing the chemical use by way of dispense automation and water dilution. Water consumption is decreased as the system requires less water through each wash cycle. The system also streamlines chemical use, making it safer and more efficient for our staff.