Don’t worry about packing your bike when you stay with us at Emerson Resort & Spa, adult and children’s bikes are complementary, and you can enjoy easy rides on-property or to a variety of nearby locations along Route 28.  Avid riders with mountain bikes looking for longer or more rigorous trails can take a ride on some of our favorite trails listed below. For more information, just stop by the front desk and get out on the trails to enjoy one of the most beautiful Catskills NY resorts areas!

Catskill Scenic Trail

This 26-mile rail to trail system is part of an old railroad trail converted into a biking and hiking trail. This multi-use trail is west of most Catskills NY resorts and is shared between runners, bikers, hikers, and horseback riders. It goes from Roxbury to Stamford but offers several pit-stops in local communities on the journey. It’s a relatively flat trail that offers views of streams and wooded areas, as well as farmland and meadows.

Tannersville Bike Path

The Tannersville Bike Path is an excellent family course because it’s a quick 3-miles of moderate to easy terrain with an ideal half-way stop, Tannersville Lake park. The public park is a great place to take a break for the kids to enjoy some playing time and make it back to your room in our Catskills NY resorts.

Windham Path

If the thought of mountain biking makes your head spin faster than your wheels on a downhill trail, you’ll love the serene Windham Path! It’s a pleasant journey in the northern Catskills with its outstanding views. The loop traverses’ footbridges, and meanders near beaver dams and meadows.

Elm Ridge Trail System

This hiking and mountain biking system is part of the very popular Windham area, and our Emerson Resort & Spa is one of the nearby Catskills NY resorts. The Elm Ridge Trail System is part of the Elm Ridge Wild Forest, that divides into two main trails, the Elm Ridge Trail and the Escarpment Trail, there are also a few other shorter trails that connect into these two main trails.

Ashokan Reservoir

The Ashokan Reservoir makes a great family biking trip, a few hours of flat trails with views of both the Catskills and Hudson Valley. The trail is mostly paved trail and easy to navigate making it accessible for all levels of bikers.


Emerson Resort & SPA is one of the Catskills NY resorts that’s not only near beautiful bike trails, but it’s also the ideal vacation spot for you and your family to spend a quality family vacation in the great outdoors of New York!