Although we love our snowy winters and all the thrilling activities that come with fresh powder, we’re excited for the arrival of spring. Book a spring stay with us at the Emerson Resort & Spa for a great Catskills vacation and enjoy Mother Nature as she wakes up the mountains with sunshine and the colors of spring!  Whether you’re looking to hike one of our trails or experience one of our rock climbing peaks, you’ll have a great time in Upstate NY.

Catskills Vacation

Hiking is a great way to explore the outdoors and there is a wide range of opportunities to go hiking in Upstate NY during your Catskills vacation.  You can stroll our property on a leisurely walk, or ask the front desk for the best hiking trails. Explore the Hudson Valley or chase the Catskills waterfalls along picturesque mountain trails.  Try out a little “urban hiking” by visiting the unique shops and galleries in the eclectic nearby towns of Phoenicia and Woodstock.  The return of warm weather and outdoor activities is sure to build up an appetite.  Woodnotes Grille, our signature onsite restaurant, offers all your favorites with a few innovative twists.  We use local ingredients to add a hometown taste to your go-to meals, including burgers, chops and seafood options.

Spring to Emerson Resort & Spa

If you’re already an avid hiker and looking to step things up a notch, try something like rock climbing. Although the Adirondacks are better known for alpine climbing, there are a variety of Catskill peaks you can climb. There are actually 35 mountain peaks in the Catskills that exceed 3500 feet, including Big Indian and Slide Mountain, both of which are within a short driving distance of the Emerson. Spring also heralds the return of mountain wildflowers, which offer colorful views after a long winter.  Spring is the perfect time to pamper your skin with spa treatments designed to eliminate the rough, dry effects of a harsh winter. The Emerson Spa offers soothing body scrubs and moisturizing treatments that will have your skin ready to greet warm weather feeling refreshed and renewed. No matter how you choose to welcome spring, the Emerson Resort & Spa has ideal Upstate NY activities for you to enjoy on your Catskills vacation.