When you stay at our Catskills luxury resort, Emerson Resort & Spa, you’ll have access to a plethora of outdoor activities. The rich mountain scenery is perfect for a daily hike or bike ride through lush green terrain. The Catskills waterfalls should definitely be on your list of things to do during your next vacation. Luckily for you, three fantastic waterfalls are less than an hour’s drive away from our Upstate New York resort.

Kaaterskill Falls

About twenty miles northwest of our Catskills resort, you’ll find the breathtakingly gorgeous Kaaterskills Falls. The falls cascade down two tiers from over 260 feet. A brief hike will lead you to this stunning natural beauty. The roundtrip trail only extends a mile-and-a-half, making this site the perfect stop for a brief hike.

High Falls

Aptly named, High Falls is in the running for the tallest waterfall in Columbia County. This Catskills waterfall overlook can be accessed via a well-manicured trail with picturesque bridges and creeks. Plus, there are a few other delightful hiking options you can enjoy while in the area. 

Tompkin Falls

Make your way to the Delaware Wild Forest for this awe-inspiring treat. Unlike most falls, you can see Tompkin Falls from the road, but several trails will allow you to get a closer look at this magnificent waterfall. There’s nothing quite like the waterfalls in Upstate New York, enhanced by robust forests, well-maintained trails, and jaw-dropping mountains. They’re all well worth the drive regardless of the season. 

Access Catskills Waterfalls from Our Upstate New York Resort

Whether you’re an adventurer or prefer the indoor lifestyle, the gorgeous array of waterfalls in Upstate New York will leave you feeling entranced. You’ll have the freedom to do as much (or little) hiking to see a breathtaking waterfall before heading back to the comfort of your luxury hotel room. If you have additional questions about Catskills waterfalls or want to make a reservation, please call us at 845-688-2828.